Thursday, April 29, 2010

{JHS Prom Sessions ~ 2010} Libby Henry

Libby was my last prom session, and showed up looking beautiful! She is such a sweet girl, who has a contagious smile. Thanks for coming out for a prom session, Libby. I hope you had a great time at the dance!! Here is your sneak peek...

{JHS Prom Sessions ~2010} Amy Ross

My awesome Class of 2010 Rep., Amy was second to get her "Prom Session". She was my "top" rep this year, bringing the most business! Great Job, Amy. Anywho, she showed up in her AWESOME red prom dress...making the session look so 1930's... beautiful. Thanks so much for coming out, Amy! I am loving these shots!!! Here is your sneak peek...

{JHS Prom Sessions ~ 2010} Caitlin Grey

Caitlin was the first lady that was photographed on Prom Day! She is always a joy to shoot and was actually the VERY first gal that made an appointment like this and got these prom sessions started 2 years ago! Even though she is a senior and won't be coming back next year, I will always remember her as the "trend setter". :o) Thanks for coming out Caitlin, here is your sneak peek...

Tyler Tennant {Class of 2010 - JHS}

Tyler came out for a few last minute outdoor shots to add to his senior package. He is a nice young man who got some quick shots! Thanks for coming out Tyler, sneak peek to follow:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Danielle Royster {JHS class of 2011 rep.}

Danielle, better known as "DJ", is my next JHS rep, who came out for a country session. I've known her since last year and am glad she is representing me at Jackson High. She is an awesome young lady who can get you FREE wallets, all ya have to do is ask! DJ, here is your sneak peek...hope you enjoy!

Codey Haynes {JHS Class of 2011 Rep.}

Codey and I went into the big city of J-town for a rockin senior rep. session. We had so much fun and got some awesome shots. It was SOOO hard to choose just 4, so I choose 6. Well Tarey & Codey, here they are......the final 6. :o) Enjoy your sneak peek!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jesse Parker {Oak Hill High School 2011 Representative}

Jesse came out for his rep session on a sunny warm day. He is an easy going guy who is very respectful! Contact Jesse for a FREE wallet voucher and pricing information! Thanks for coming out for your session Jesse. Here is your sneak peek!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cara Nickell {BHCC/JHS Class of 2011 Rep}

Miss Cara came out for her representative session. She is such a nice pretty girl, who is easy-going! I am so glad to have her as a representative. Cara can provide you with a FREE wallet voucher and pricing information for the class of 2011. Here is your sneak peek, Cara!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jacenta Collins {Oak Hill HS Class of 2010}

Jacenta stopped out to finish of her senior pictures. She is a laid back young lady who brought her friend, Kayla, with her. Kayla joined her for a few shots to finish off the shoot. It was a pleasure taking your pictures, Jay. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!