Monday, August 1, 2011

Seitz/Henson Engagement!!!

SAVE THE DATE! Aaron Seitz and Katy Henson will be married on October 29th!!! They are such a great couple and great friends of ours. I am so glad that I got to shoot their engagement shots and equally as happy to do their wedding! Congratulations to you, both!!!
The long awaited sneak peek is here...

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wanda said...

Aaron and Katy. These are fabulous. I pray I can make it to the event. I never would have dreamed that the little boy I used to babyset would grow up into such a handsome and successful Man. I as your parents are so very proud at this time. Enjoy ALL that is placed before you, but mostly, keep the communication open at all times. Talk everything out. Leave nothing for chance. I love you both.